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Welcome to our Asia in Studies blog.

Schools in China

Watch this video of school children in rural China.

Chinese children singing the national anthem in Jiangxi province

Australian Prep children singing their national anthem

Street markets in Asia

Take a walk through a Korean food market – Suyu Market


  • What sort of things can you buy at the market?
  • How do people and goods get to the market?
  • What signs do you find around a market?
  • What types of work do people at markets do?
  • Where do the things that are for sale come from?

Now take a walk through the Queen Victoria market

Now make a Venn diagram comparing similarities and differences.



Watch this clip and then answer the questions below:

Fetching water

  1. What did it make you think about?
  2. What would you like to know more about?
  3. Where does your water come from?

My home, your home

This week’s question?:

  • Close your eyes and imagine that you are at home. Where is your favourite place? What can you see/smell/hear/touch? Add your thoughts in the comments section below.

My school

Riverside School

Watch this video

Miniature Earth

See – Think – Wonder

1. What did you see that surprised you?

2. What does this make you think about?

3. What does this make you Wonder about your life and the other people in our ‘village’?

Our town – Boolarra

Population – 528

Boolarra takes its name from the Kurnai word meaning “Plenty”


Population – 491, 500

Denpasar was previously called Badung, after the district in which it lies. When it became Bali’s chief town and administrative center it took on a new name, Denpasar, meaning New Market.